Flemming Rasmussen - Chief Engineer & Producer

Phone:            (0045) 5388 1260

Email:              Flemming@sweetsilencestudios.com

Born January 1st 1958 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Married since 1984 with Pernille Wagner.

2 Children: Christian born 1979 & Stine born 1987

Started building Sweet Silence Studios 1976, in 1980 he became co-owner of the Studio, and in March 1999 he took over the studio. In the fall of 1999 he started to build a new studio SSS V.2, which was completed April 2000.

Sweet Silence V.2 closed november 2008 as the building was set for demolition.

Started Sweet Silence North April 2014.

Re-opened Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen december 2017.

Flemming started as an In-house-engineer and soon became known for his great sound, and his ability to work with all kinds of music from Jazz, Folk, and Pop to Hardcore Metal. Everybody who worked with him, not only experienced the great sound, but also the feeling of being in ”safe hands”. This means that they can concentrate on their music, and get the work done, within the time booked in the studio. Flemming is extremely fast, both in engineering and in understanding the specific demands of each artist. He produced his first album in 1982, and has mainly worked with Danish Bands but also worked with International Artists.

He prefers to record Drums, Bass and Guitars on analogue tape, using as much vintage gear as possible, and then transfer to ProTools, to do edits and record all the rest, and Mixdown from ProTools, summing through his Trident A-range, using the monitor section as summing.

Flemming’s trademark as a Producer is that he always works very closely with the Artist, trying to get things done from the Artist’s perspective. Many Artists describe him as the hidden bandmember.

Here’s a short list of some of the things Flemming Rasmussen has done:

In spring 1981 he recorded a single with Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow, and later the same year he recorded the album ”Difficult to Cure”.

In 1983 he recorded and co-produced Metallica’s album ”Ride the Lightning”.

Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow ”Bend out of Shape”

Metallica ”Master of Puppets” Producer/Engineer

Metallica ”and Justice for All” Producer/Engineer

Grammy award 1989 for Best Metal performance Metallica ”One”

Metallica Live Freddie Mercury tribute Wembley EP-Live Recording/Mix

Tina Turner Live at Globen Stockholm: Live rec. for MTV

Morbid Angel ”Covenant” Producer/Engineer

Pretty Maids: Mixed ”Future World” & ”New Album”, Recorded and Produced: ”Sin-Decade” & ”Scream”

Blind Guardian : "Imagination From The Other Side", "The Forgotten Tales", "Nightfall In Middle-Earth"

Bl!nk 2 Albums – Huge succes in Asia: Producer/Engineer

Cocobat Seoul - South Korea: Producer/Engineer

Sort Sol 3 Albums: Producer/Engineer Danish Grammy award Producer of the Year.

Mew “Half the world is watching”: Producer/Engineer – Got worldwide contract.

Monte Pittman "The Power of 3": Producer/Engineer.

All in all more than 1000 productions since 1976.