Sweet Silence Studios started in april of 1976, and has for the last more tham 45 Years, been known for it's fantastic sound, and great hospitality.

Sweet Silence has recorded and mixed everything from Folk, through Jazz, Pop, Rock and Metal, with some stunning results over the Years.

Sweet Silence Studio is back in our beloved capital "Copenhagen". We are looking forward to welcome old and new friends in our newly-published Sweet Silence studio in Bådehavnsgade 12, 2450 Sydhavnen. Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more than happy to show you, our new studio facilities

Sweet Silence Studios: Flemming: Phone: +45 5388 1260 E-mail: info@sweetsilencestudios.com

We do all kinds of jobs, big or small, so dont hesitate to call the studio!

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